About Maya Forstater

About Maya Forstater

Maya Forstater is campaigning for clarity on sex in law and policy in the UK.  

I am co-founder and Executive Director of Sex Matters.  This is my personal site.

I am the claimant in the belief discrimination case of Forstater v CGDE & Others

What do I believe?

This is an extract from my first witness statement in my case:

I am ‘gender critical’ this means that I believe that:

  • “Sex” is a material reality which should not be conflated with “gender” or “gender identity”.
  • Being female (or male) is an immutable biological fact, not a feeling or an identity.
  • Sex matters.

In particular it is important it is important to be able to talk about sex in order to take action against the discrimination, violence and oppression that still affect women and girls because they were born female.
This means I do not agree with the statements that “trans women are women”, and that “trans men are men” [because the words woman and man already mean something in relation to the above].

I believe that everyone should be free to live as they choose without harassment or discrimination because of adopting or not adopting gender norms and stereotypes. Believing that the material reality of sex is important does not preclude accommodating a person’s wish to not have their biological sex declared or emphasised in official, professional or social situations in situations where their sex does not matter.

I do not harbour any ill-feeling towards people who identify as transgender or transsexual. Nor would I would seek to humiliate or harass anyone. I believe that transgender people can be included in public life, and their human rights protected, while recognising that in some situations — such as in sexual relationships and reproduction, healthcare, demographic statistics, bodily privacy, sports and single sex provisions that exist to repair the historic marginalisation of women — it is sex that matters.

I will publish new stuff here and republish articles from my banned Medium site onto here, and documents related to my case. Its a work in progress